Safe and Responsible sexual Intercourse;complications of promiscuity and Management


A Sexual intercourse can be termed safe when;

  • There is total abstinence from sexual intercourse before marriage.
  • Sexual intercourse exist between the marital union where there is total faithfulness to the marriage partners.
  • When measures as condom though not 100% effective.


Sexual Intercourse are said to be responsibly done if:

  • Heterosexual sexual communication
  • The partners are legally joined by marriage.
  • The timing of the sexual communication are done without regret , fear of pregnancy, and full acceptance to the consequences of the union
  • It is done without defaulting from God’s law and Natural Law.


  • Psychological Depression usually found among young deflowered teenagers.
  • Emotional disturbance that may arise from Teenage Pregnancy.
  • Feeling of guilt for disobeying God’s law or the culture of the land.
  • Low self esteem and self control even after marriage. This is the main reason for unfaithfulness in marriage.
  • High Risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, & C, sexual transmitted Disease.
  • INFERTILITY– This can be as a result of untreated /poorly/ untimely treated sexual transmitted disease.
  • URETHRA /FALLOPIAN TUBE ADHESION– This can be as a result of untreated STD such as gonorrhea, prostiatis etc. This is one of the cause of ectopic pregnancy in female.
  • Cancer of the cervix is commonly seen in women who engage in early sexual intercourse or have multiple sexual partners.
  • Untreated syphilis during its tertiary stage can cause complications such as paralysis, insanity etc
  • Some of the infections contacted is there till the end of the individual life.

To be able to play Safe

  • We should avoid pornographic materials, bad influence and other things that corrupt the mind.
  • Parent should give their children proper sex education and moral upbringing.
  • The pulpits are not left out as they should not relent and giving words of encouragement to the youths towards trending the part of righteousness.
  • The government, influential peoples in the society and policy makers must enjoin so that strategies can be emanated as to curb this ugly menace ravaging our youths.



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