Men Who go to to bed early Produce more quality Sperm-Study

Men who go to Bed early produces Better Sperm
Researchers from Aarhus University, Denmark have discovered that men who retire to bed early could have better sperm compared with those who sleep late.
According to ,the study was revealed that men who go to bed before 10:30pm were up to 4 times more likely to have a good quality sperm. They also stated that having 8 hours sleep give a  healthier sperm than anything less than that.
The study suggest that couples who want to achieve conception should consider limiting distractions that will necessitate them for having 8 hours sleep and early retiring to bed. Such as watching movies, social media and a lots more .
The study looked at sleep patterns of around 100 male volunteers who were attending fertility clinics in Denmark, $8 of whom have healthy sperm and 56 have a low sperm.
Prof. Hans Ingerslev, a co-author of the study stated that men deprived from sleeping suffer more stress which will affect their fertility.
Sleep plays a key role in moderating hormones and stress levels that can affect fertility.
Prof. Hans Ingerslev and his colleagues also looked at the overall quality of sleep as to link disruptive sleep with sperm quality production but it yielded no result.
Although this findings have been presented at the annual conference of the European Society of Human reproduction and embryology(ESHRE) in Vienna, it have not yet be published in the Peer reviewed journal.
There have been a controversy between some scholars as some consent to that while others say that infection is the major cause of infertility.


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