Definition: E.D also known as IMPOTENCE Is a male sexual health conditions whereby there is persistence difficulty achieving and maintaining erection .sometimes erection can be achieve but don’t last for pleasurable sexual activity.


  • Disease of the Heart like congestive cardiac disease, hypertension etc.
  • Disease of the hormones like Diabetes, hypogonadism,.
  • Lifestyle causes like Tobacco and alcohol use, obesity, stress, amnesia, malnutrition.
  • Drugs like Antihypertensive drugs, diazepam, codeine etc.
  • Psychological factors like Depression ( is a feeling of sadness, loss of hope, or helplessness. Fatigue related to depression can also cause impotence.),anxiety etc
  • Neurological disease e.g. stroke ,epilepsy multiple sclerosis etc
  • Other diseases like Urinary Tract Infection
  • People who have had prostate gland surgery can also experience nerve damage that causes impotence.
  • Long distance bicycle riders can also experience temporary impotence. This is because repeated pressure on the buttocks and genitals can affect the function of the nerves.



To achieve an erection, a person must first go through what’s known as an excitement phase. Being that depression and anxiety are associated with increased risk for impotence, situations that warrant anxiety, depressions and other psychological trauma should be avoided. There should bestrengthening communication in a romantic relationship.

Sex should not be done in a hurry, it should start with a fore play like kissing, fingering sucking etc .Some men experience erection when masturbating or sleeping, yet he isn’t able to maintain an erection during intercourse due to the fact that they are tense off or aren’t relaxed with their partner as of the time of sexual activity.


Owing that alcoholism, smoking, abuse of drugs like cocaine and amphetamines, obesity, Lack of rest & sleep can affect a person’s ability to achieve or maintain an erection so well,efforts should be made towards modifying our lifestyles like

ü  Goal directed exercise that is moderate, not more than 30 minutes a day.

ü  Eating healthy and balanced diet free from fats, bad cholesterol and other foods that are cause heart disease  such as canned beverages, canned beef, fatty meat, butter etc

Eat foods that is healthy to the heart such as fruits, vegetables, low fat yoghurts and drink plenty water.


ü  Drugs such as Sidenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (cialis), Vardenafil (staxyn, levitra) can be used upon prescription from either a Doctor, Nurse Consultant or Pharmacist.

ü  Testosterone Replacement therapy.

ü  Blood vessel surgery

ü  psychological counseling


Erectile dysfunction (ED) or Impotence is a disease basically for Aged men. It is envisaged that it occurs more from the average age of 50, but with efficient management, Sexual health can be achieved for more years


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